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We value a community where trust, justice, learning, innovation, courage, and onus of responsibility thrive.

Join a community which understands that the power of learning brings us all together to help shape the future.


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Reasons To Join Us


Enjoy Work-Life Balance

We believe that some quality time outside of the workplace is essential for employees’ mental well-being & emotional satisfaction. We aim to create a workspace where the employees enjoy working and don’t feel stressed.


Stay Informed

We dedicate time to having proper communication channels which ensure that all our employees have the information they need to do their jobs well. We provide research time to the employees, instead of jumping straight onto doing their tasks. This keeps the work updated and gives the employees time to grow their knowledge.



Be Valued & Recognized

We at PM publishers are very serious about sharing our success stories. Employees who achieve success doing their projects are rewarded with recognition. We come together as a family to celebrate the growth and achievements of each employee.


Give Back to Society

We anonymously work hard to give back to our society and our country. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we volunteered and contributed towards helping those in need. We also arranged specialized workshops and community activities in which team members could volunteer.



Lively & Fun Atmosphere

One benefit of having wonderful coworkers is to be able to enjoy each other’s company. Thankfully, we also have no shortage of reasons to have fun together. We not only work together but celebrate all types of festivities with each other as well. We cannot emphasize enough how important maintaining a good and happy environment is for us.


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