Object Detection - Recognise Object

Detect object from Camera or image and finds its name

Face Detection - Detects and Make Sound When Smiled

This Project detect faces using webcam. When a smile is detected, trigger a sound. Utilize basic coding blocks to track facial expressions, enhancing understanding of image recognition concepts in a playful manner.

Sentiment Analysis

This Project analyzes and categorize emotions in text. Utilizing algorithms to detect positive, negative, or neutral sentiments, improving computational thinking through creative code exploration.

Weather Data

Weather Data  project collects and displays real-time weather information. Users input location,It  fetches data to show temperature, humidity, and conditions through interactive sprites and backgrounds, fostering learning about coding and meteorology.

Bottle Detection - Object Detection

Object Detection for bottle detection involves using computer vision techniques to identify and locate bottles within images or video frames. This process enables automated systems to recognize and analyze the presence, position, and count of bottles in various contexts.