PM Publishers workshop series are designed to stimulate innovation in teaching and learning approaches. We work with educators and various resource persons to facilitate unlearning of out-of-date methodologies and adopting of appropriate pedagogical skills which are necessary in the exceedingly volatile 21st Century classrooms.


We offer educational workshops for teachers, which are essential for the global development of educators. Some of these include NEP 2020 Training, Effective Teaching Methodologies, Classroom Management and Artificial Intelligence. This contributes to teachers' strengths by allowing them to easily open up to others and express their opinions, as well as help them make positive impressions on their peers, allow for the sharing of ideas, and boost their own confidence.

Nep 2020 Training

Workshop conducted by Meenakshi Aneja

Effective Teaching

Workshop conducted by Megha Saini

Classroom Management

Workshop conducted by Meenakshi Aneja

21st Century Skills

Workshop conducted by Meenakshi Aneja

Artificial Intelligence

Workshop conducted by Meenakshi Aneja

Information Technology

Workshop conducted by Davinder Singh Minhas



A block-coding environment with AI extensions

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