Discover the joy of hands-on learning

BlocksBuddy® is an interactive learning platform developed by PM Publishers Pvt. Ltd. that equips students with 21st-century skills. This platform helps students learn fundamentals of computer programming and Artificial Intelligence (AI) using block-based coding and Python programming.

Built on top of Scratch 3.0, BlocksBuddy has been developed with a mission of making technology accessible and understandable for all. We believe in the transformative power of hands-on learning, and our platform is designed to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and build confidence in young innovators.

  • Interactive Learning: Engage with technology in a dynamic environment that responds to your actions.
  • Safe & Secure: We prioritize your safety, ensuring a secure platform for exploration and creativity.
  • Community Driven: Join a community of budding tech enthusiasts, share your projects, and learn from one another.
  • Future Ready: Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a tech-driven world.

How It Works?

Choose Your Adventure

Pick from a variety of interactive modules tailored to different learning levels and interests.

Build & Experiment

Use our drag-and-drop interface to create, modify, and experiment in realtime.

Reflect & Share

Showcase your creations, learn from others, and deepen your understanding of technology's vast possibilities.


What's in the bag?

BlocksBuddy comes integrated with extensions developed for learning various domains of AI. Students can build programmes using these and gain knowledge of how the AI works in real-world.

Included extensions

  • Pose Detection: Dive into the world of motion and understand the intricacies of human movement. Our Pose Detection extension allows students to interact and experiment with real-time motion capture.
  • Speech to Text: Transform your voice into written words. Learn the science behind voice recognition and see your speech come alive on the screen.
  • Pen Extension: Unleash your creativity! Draw, sketch, and animate with our intuitive pen tool, bridging the gap between imagination and digital art.
  • Weather Data: Connect with the environment around you. Fetch real-time weather data and understand the patterns of nature.
  • ML with Teachable: Step into the future of machine learning. Train your own models and witness the wonders of artificial intelligence firsthand.
  • Text Recognition: Decode the world of written words. Capture and convert images into editable text, exploring the marvels of optical character recognition.
  • Object Detection: Discover the objects around you in a whole new light. Recognize and categorize everyday items with the power of machine learning.
  • More on the way…: Our platform is ever-evolving. Stay tuned for more extensions and tools to enhance your learning experience.



BlocksBuddy installer is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS(Coming Soon). Please select your operating system from below to download the setup.

Download for windows

Windows 8.1 and above

Download for Linux

Ubuntu 18.0+, Debian, Fedora

Download for MacOS

macOS 10.15+