Akal Academy Teacher Training

Akal Academy Teacher Training conducted by PM Publishers. Akal Academy, Bhatinda trust PM Publishers for updating their teachers skills and knowledge on latest computer technologies.

PM Publishers, conducted a 3 day exhaustive workshop on “Open Source and how to teach Linux in Schools” to around 50 teachers of Akal Academy.

Training was conducted by Mr. Alok Srivastava who is a Red Hat Certified Instructor and Red Hat Certified Architect along with Mr. Davinder Minhas, author of PM Publishers computer series books.

Both the resource persons covered following topics to the benefit of teachers:

  1. Benefits of using Open Source in Schools
  2. Benefits to students
  3. How to teach Linux to students
  4. Technical difference between architecture and design of Windows and Linux
  5. Kernel and Modules
  6. Important file systems / partitions
  7. Working of Swap memory
  8. Common troubleshooting skills
  9. Tips on making teaching more interactive
  10. Linux CLI commands
  11. Customizing Linux

Akal Academy teacher training conducted by PM Publishers had a wonderful feedback and no wonder Akal Academy and their computer teachers trust PM Publishers for their books and train the trainer workshops. This was the second Akal Academy Teacher Training by PM Publishers.


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